Privacy policy
This Privacy Policy applies to all clients, active users, and visitors of our website and services. Faisco Interactive holds your right to privacy in the highest regard, considering it a cornerstone of our business operations and a societal responsibility. We have established this policy to inform you about how we collect, use, disclose, protect, store, and transmit your personal data. This policy is integral to all products or services provided by Faisco that you may utilize, and we encourage you to read it carefully. By accepting this policy through online selection or any other means, or by using Faisco's products, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms of this policy, which shall have legal effect between you and Faisco. I. Information We Collect and Its Usage
1.1 To provide you with services, ensure the normal functioning of these services, and to improve and optimize them, Faisco will collect and use your personal information in accordance with the principles of legality, propriety, necessity, and good faith. This information may be actively provided by you or generated as a result of your use of the products/services. The types of personal information collected and used by Faisco include:
(1) Information necessary for the core business functions of Faisco's products/services; this is essential for the normal operation of the products/services, and you must authorize Faisco to collect and use it. If you refuse, you will not be able to use Faisco's products/services normally. (2) Information that may be collected for non-core business functions is optional and subject to your authorization. If you refuse to provide it, certain features may not be realized or may not achieve the desired effects, but it will not affect your normal use of the core business functions. The personal information you directly provide to Faisco and that Faisco collects includes (please ensure you have authorization from the relevant parties if you are providing someone else's personal information): 1.1.1 Customers and visitors of this website We may collect your personal data in various ways, including but not limited to when you visit our website, register on the website, subscribe to our newsletter, fill out forms, or engage with other activities, services, features, or resources we provide. 1.1.2 Registration and contact information When you create an account on this website, you are required to provide an email address and login password. The email address you submit is used for registration, login, account binding, receiving verification codes for password recovery, and as one of the designated contact methods between you and Faisco for receiving marketing and business notifications (including email marketing, commercial information, new product launches, service changes), and Faisco may use this contact method to send you business notifications or communicate with you about business matters. 1.1.3 Email inquiries When you inquire with Faisco, to ensure the security of your account and system, Faisco may require you to provide necessary personal information (including but not limited to account information, order information, payment name) to verify your identity. 1.1.4 Payment information When you order specific goods and/or services through Faisco's products and/or services, we also collect transaction information, including your credit card information, billing, mailing address, and other payment-related information. 1.1.5 Use of products or services When you use Faisco's products or services, to achieve service effects (for example: inviting friends to get extra opportunities), any information you provide to Faisco (including your friends, customer information). 1.1.6 Local storage permissions This includes local storage files, such as reading and writing of photos, videos. Before obtaining the corresponding permissions, Faisco will request your authorization. 1.1.7 Third-party platforms When you interact with our advertisements and other content on third-party websites or platforms (such as social networking sites), we may collect information. This may include Facebook likes, personal profile information collected from social networking sites during registration, or the fact that you view or interact with our content. 1.1.8 Technical, usage, and location information We automatically collect information about how you interact with the website, such as your IP address when visiting the website, date and time, information about your browser, operating system, and computer or device, pages viewed, and items clicked. We may also collect location information, including location information automatically provided by your computer or device. We use Cookies and similar technologies to collect some of this information and save your login to our website. 1.1.9 Other information We may collect other information from you that is not specifically listed here. We may use any such information in accordance with this privacy policy or with your consent.

II. Use of Collected Information
2.1 We may use your personal information for the following purposes, for example: (1) To market and promote our services to you, including by integrating information from third parties about you. (2) To showcase your use case on our website. (3) To respond to your online inquiries and requests and enhance your website experience. (4) To analyze website usage and better understand visitor preferences. (5) To review for potential illegal use of our services. (6) As required by law, we may need to disclose information we hold about you. 2.2 Other information usage related to specific types of users: (1) Customers (referring to natural persons, legal entities, or other organizations that have established an economic or contractual relationship with us) We use your information to fulfill our contractual obligations and provide you with services. (2) Participants (referring to individuals participating in our customers' marketing activities) After customers create marketing activities, they control and manage some of the information provided by participants and are subject to their privacy policies and terms related to data collection in marketing activities. We process this data on behalf of the customer in accordance with our contractual obligations with them.

X. Contacting Us
If you have any questions about this policy or other related matters, please contact us at This document was last updated on May 30, 2024.