Win-win cooperation: How international brands can use the influence of Internet celebrities to deepe

2024-07-04 10:50 byron

In the digital age, brand marketing strategies have shifted from traditional advertising models to more personalized and interactive social media marketing. In this transformation, the "Internet celebrity" group plays an important role as a bridge between brands and consumers. Below, we will explore how international brands can cleverly use Internet celebrity marketing to create a massive online marketing campaign, thereby deepening market layout and brand awareness.

Precise positioning: the perfect combination of IKEA and home bloggers

IKEA, the Swedish furniture retail giant, is world-renowned for its unique design concept. In terms of its online celebrity cooperation strategy, IKEA selects home bloggers that match its own brand tone, and accurately reaches target consumers by showing home furnishing matching skills, life aesthetic transformation and other content. For example, IKEA invited well-known home bloggers to participate in the "IKEA Renovation Challenge", using a small budget to achieve a brand new change in their homes, which not only demonstrated the versatility and economy of IKEA products, but also conveyed a kind of art of living, deepening the implantation of the brand image.

Interactive promotion: Sports brand Adidas and fitness influencers jointly perform

Sports brand Adidas is well aware of young consumers' pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, so it has worked with well-known Internet celebrities in the global fitness industry to create a series of online fitness challenge activities. Through the #HereToCreate topic on social platforms such as Instagram and Weibo, fans are encouraged to upload their own sports moments, and participants have the opportunity to win limited edition sports equipment from Adidas. This move not only enhances interaction with consumers, but also successfully improves the brand's user stickiness and market share through the personal charm and influence of Internet celebrities.

Storytelling: P&G’s touching collaboration with Mother’s Day

International daily necessities giant Procter & Gamble planned a heartwarming marketing campaign during Mother's Day, teaming up with a number of influencers in the parent-child field to tell real and touching stories of maternal love, and combined with multiple family care brands under P&G to launch the theme event of "Thank you for maternal love, warm company". These moving short videos and graphic content were widely circulated on major social media, closely linking the P&G brand with family care, warmth and caring emotions, and effectively improving brand favorability and loyalty.

Cross-border symbiosis: a new trend in collaboration between brands and influencers

As influencer marketing matures, international brands are beginning to explore more innovative cross-border cooperation models. In addition to the content co-creation, interactive challenges and emotional resonance in the above cases, some brands are beginning to try joint design, offline experience activities and other methods in order to occupy a more advantageous position in the fiercely competitive market. For example, beauty brands and fashion bloggers jointly develop limited edition makeup series, and travel brands cooperate with travel experts to launch in-depth travel route experiences.

In the future, influencer marketing will pay more attention to the quality and innovation of content. Brands need to continuously optimize the criteria for selecting partners to ensure that cooperation can truly enhance brand value. At the same time, with the iteration of social media platform algorithms and technological advances, how to effectively use big data and artificial intelligence to accurately match influencers and target audiences will become the key to brands' success in the field of influencer marketing.

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